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An engineering masterpiece
$127.95  Inc Tax
Peak current 14A, continous 8A
$28.95  Inc Tax
REDS RC Bearing Tool Kit for 3.5CC Engines (14mm) with Premium Bag (REDS ENTL0005)
This is a Bearing Tool Kit for 3.5CC Engines with Premium Bag from REDS RC.

This high quality precision made bearing tool is a must have for hobbyist's looking to rebuild their engines. The kit includes a puller for 7mm and 14mm bearing removal along with a press for installation.

The press is made from high-quality Hard Coated Spring Steel and the bearing surfaces are ground for high precision bearing installation.

All parts are CNC-machined for ultra-high precision making this tool lightweight, compact and comfortable to use. Make engine rebuilds a breeze with this premium bearing tool kit from REDS.

Includes a great Premium Bag
$179.95  Inc Tax
REDS RC RTX – Rotary Backplate (REDS ER210173)
This is the new RTX – Rotary Backplate from REDS RC.

The new Reds Racing RTX Rotary Backplate is an engineering masterpiece that will revolutionise the world of RC Model Nitro Engines.

Developed by Marco and Mario Rossi in collaboration with the best RC drivers in the world, the backplate aims to increase engine power and improve stability at idle speed thanks to a drastic reduction in friction between the connecting rod and backplate.

Reds Racing was one of the first companies in the world to work on reducing the friction between the backplate connecting rod with the introduction of DLC coating on the backplate.

This time Reds Racing engineers have invented something unique in the rc model market, destined to be considered one of the most innovative solutions of the last 30 years.

Contrary to what happens for traditional RC engines, where the connecting rod slides on the backplate producing sliding friction, in the RTX Backplate the connecting rod is in contact with a special steel plate that can rotate together with the conrod thanks to the fact that it is mounted on two special high speed ball bearings.

The backplate is designed, made and tested in Italy respecting the best quality standards. It is currently only available as an optional part and suitable only for Reds Racing engines on road and off road.

  • Designed specifically for REDS 3.5cc (.21) Nitro Engines
  • Reduces friction and increases engine idle stability
  • Works with on-road and off-road engine blocks

An engineering masterpiece
$127.95  Inc Tax
REDS RC Glow Plug, Clutch Nut and 5mm Allen Wrench (REDS ENAC0010)
This is a Glow Plug, Clutch Nut and 5mm Allen Wrench from REDS RC.

  • 5mm Allen Wrench
  • 8mm Clutch Nut
  • 10mm Nut Wrench

Great nitro multi-tool
$39.95  Inc Tax
GT Power Electronic Switch with LED (GT-eSwitch)
This is an Electronic Switch with LED from GT Power.

Compact and extremely portable
Protect your battery away from damage of discharge and overcharge
High quality and durable in use
Use LED to display the test condition

Brand name: G.T.POWER
Weight: 10g
Dimension: 43 x 33 x 9mm
Display: LED
Input Voltage: 5V-10V (Lipo 2S or NiCd/NiMh 4-8S)
Max Peak Current: 14A
Max Continuous Current: 8A

When the power is disconnected then reconnected to the switch, the switch will return to its previous state (on or off)

Its recommended NOT to use lipo mode with electronic switches in IC Car's, as when the voltage cuts, it can cause a runaway.

Peak current 14A, continous 8A
$28.95  Inc Tax
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