Glow Plugs

Their are 2 main glow plug types; "Standard" and "Turbo" and the wrong plug type will not fit into the other style engine.

The easiest what to tell the difference is that the "Standard" plug uses a washer where the "Turbo" plug has a tapered seat and no washer.
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Nice easy to use glow plug tool
$20.50  Inc Tax
Dynamite Nitro Glow Plug Wrench 5.75'' long (DYN2510)
This is the Nitro Wrench for Dynamite RC.

Gas R/C racers can install and remove glow plugs from their engines with ease, speed, and style with the Dynamite Nitro Wrench.

The Nitro Wrench has a long, 5" shank with 8MM wrench size for the glow plug that can reach down into tall engine heat sink heads.

It's chrome plated for rust resistance and good looks, and features an indestructible, fuel-proof composite plastic "T" handle. A gas pit box essential.

Nice easy to use glow plug tool
$20.50  Inc Tax
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