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Used by most NZRCA Clubs
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$159.95  Inc Tax
Allows you to easily move PT's between vehicles
$9.95  Inc Tax
MYLAPS RC4 Pro Direct Powered Personal Transponder (Black) (MLP 10R147)
This is an RC4 PRO Direct Powered Personal Transponder from MYLAPS.

The next big thing in RC....It’s lighter. It’s smaller. It’s all black.

Introducing the RC4 Pro, the world’s smallest transponder that helps you race in style.

Be the first at your track with the all-new RC4 Pro Transponder. Available now!

Pitch-black design
The RC4 Pro Transponder features a shorter 8 cm / 3.15 in cable, ensuring a perfect fit every time. And the pitch-black design gives any RC car that beautiful finish it deserves. The transponder comes in at only 3 grams, making it almost as light as a feather.

MYLAPS Speedhive
MYLAPS Speedhive is the platform where RC racers can get more insights in their race performance. With the Speedhive app and web services you can track races, find your practice results, compare results and share your progress with friends.

Don’t have the Speedhive app yet? Download Speedhive app here

Timing in RC
All vehicles on the track are equipped with MYLAPS transponders to identify the racer and record their results. Every RC vehicle has an RC transponder installed, that sends out a unique signal to the detection loop in the track. The MYLAPS transponder has been the gold standard in RC racing for many years. The RC4 Pro Transponder takes the Racer to the next level.

25% smaller
$194.95  Inc Tax
MYLAPS RC4 Personal Transponder (3-Wire) (MLP 10R120)
This is an RC4 "3-Wire" Direct Powered Personal Transponder from MYLAPS.

In R/C racing, details matter. The slightest change or modification can be the difference between making the podium, or being a back marker. So MYLAPS developed the next generation RC4 3-Wire transponder to do more than just count your laps.

The RC4 3-Wire provides the user with telemetry data such as lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature, information that can be used to shave seconds off your overall times. RC4 transponders are compatible with RC4 timing systems can be used for both indoor and outdoor on-road and off-road racing and will perform on just about any surface.

The Standard in RC Timing!
Each transponder comes with a unique number linking your car to you as its driver.

How Does it Work?
The system picks up the signal sent out by the transponder mounted on your car. This signal is analyzed and lap times are measured. The system knows exactly which lap you are on and what your position is. If the track has the system hooked up to an internet connection, the data is passed on and published to your personal MYLAPS account. When you drive on a track with a MYLAPS RC4 timing system installed, your account will also show you information about the connected voltage and ambient car temperature.

Your Personal Data
Your training and event results are uploaded by the track's system or race officials. You can check, analyze and share your performance data on your personal account online. Simply create a personal account and register your transponder.

Easy to Set Up & Maintain
It is easy to get your transponder in and out of your car using the holder that comes with your RC4 package. The holder should be installed at a maximum height of 15 cm (6 inches) above the ground. Transponders need to survive the heat of battle. RC4 transponders are shock and mud-proof and can be used safely for both indoor and outdoor racing. They can even be used for model boat racing. Because they connect to your car’s power output, you don’t have to worry about recharging them. If you use your transponder a lot, it can get dirty over time. Use a soft brush and some lukewarm water to clean it.


  • Half the size, half the weight of the original 
  • Low voltage operation: 2.8-16 Volt compatible
  • Transponder and transponder holder are individual parts, so you can easily switch transponders between different cars
  • Better quality cable (PTFE) that is fuel resistant
  • 1-4 cell LiPo compatible
  • Specifications: 
  • Dimensions (excluding holder) (WxLxH): 16x19x6mm 
  • Weight: 4.7g (including holder) 
  • Operating voltage: 2.8 - 16.0 V 
  • Power consumption*: 19 mA 
  • Wire isolation**: PTFE 
  • Quick change holder: Yes 
  • Connector: Generic receiver 3-pole 

* Measured at 6.0 volt (receiver output) 
** Gasoline/Nitro-methane resistant, no aging 

NOTE: See image below for a list of transponders and compatible MYLAPS decoders. Be sure to check with your local track for transponder/system compatibility.

Used by most NZRCA Clubs
Out of Stock
$159.95  Inc Tax
MYLAPS Personal Transponder Holder (MLP 40R221)
This is an additional mount for a Personal Transponder from MYLAPS.

Allows you to easily move PT's between vehicles
$9.95  Inc Tax
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