AVID Racing Concepts 2S Charge Lead Cable with 4mm & 5mm Bullet Connector (610mm) (White)

Nice long charge leads to help tidy up your pit table
$37.50  Inc Tax
This is a 610mm long 2S Charge Lead Cable with a 4mm & 5mm Bullet Connector from AVID RC in White.

Product Overview:
Designed to be color coordinated (e.g. White uses all white wires and sheath) for charging 2S battery packs through 12ga wire. Includes gold-plated 4mm to 5mm bullets on the battery end to cover all battery types and a 4mm bullet on the charging end. Comes with the popular XH 3pin balance plug, which most trim one of the plastic alignment rails with an x-acto to plug right into the charger instead of the balance port. Or you can use the included XH 7pin if you don't want to brave that. Balance leads are 2.5" (63.5mm) longer than the charge leads so they can easily be plugged into any charger design.

  • Color Coordinated (all wires and sheath colors match).
  • 12ga soft silicone wire at 2 feet long (610mm).
  • Gold-plated bullets, 4mm to 5mm on battery end and 4mm on charger end.
  • Balance leads are 2.5" (63.5mm) longer than charging leads.
  • Comes with XH 3pin balance plug installed and includes XH 7pin.

  • You can skip using a balance board or changing out to the 7 pin adapter with this simple modification. 

  • Availability: 2 In Stock
  • Model: AVD 1402-WHT
  • Manufacturer: AVID Racing Concepts

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